The first train express train electricity supplier issued SF 15 Jingdong 1 day festival

[Abstract] by a Beijing Shanghai Express train carriages constitute 16, accounted for 15 SF express Festival, festival mall 1 Jingdong.


domestic electricity supplier first trip: SF express train issued 1

15 JingdongTencent

technology news (Chen Qinghong) today, the first trip to Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Shanghai Express train will be from Beijing Huang Village and Hebei GuAn Railway Station to Shanghai, Guangzhou direction, plus May has pioneered the opening line of the CSI electricity supplier train, railway company for express service tailored to the first batch of three six electricity suppliers train all put into operation.

The newly opened

express train twice, were swept by the STO and SF EXPRESS. It is understood that the opening of the new express train for Guan (Hebei Langfang) to Shilong (Guangdong Dongguan), Huang Village (Beijing) to Minhang, daily express trains using bi off mode.

the first trip to Beijing Shanghai Express train consists of 16 cars, each section may contain more than one courier, which accounted for 15 SF express Festival, festival mall 1 Jingdong. Train speed 120km, faster than ordinary freight trains 40-60km. In addition to taking Guangzhou train Shentong, will also be synchronized to the opening of the Beijing railway to the Pearl River Delta "Beijing Zhuhai urgent service, means the shipment sent from Beijing will arrive within 21 hours in the Pearl River delta.

electric train vehicle of choice is a large capacity and high speed, the maximum speed to 160KM/H and 140 KM/H. In order to adapt to the courier company during the day and evening receipt sorting and transport characteristics of the organization morning, Chinese railway company adjusted the train timetable, and developed a cage container handling operation, the previous two to three days of the delivery process compressed to less than 24 hours.

for courier companies, the electricity supplier train not only intensive and efficient transportation advantages, but also more cost advantage. At present, the electricity supplier train set 15 to 19 cars, each car load of about 23 tons approved. The main trunk of the courier route is 9.6 meters long truck, carrying a weight of about about 7 tons, the same Boeing cargo weight of about 737 tons of cargo about 12 tons. Therefore, the electricity supplier train loaded once, the equivalent of 62 traffic vehicles 9.6 meters long truck, or 36 Boeing 737 all cargo aircraft capacity. At present electricity supplier shipment average every 2 kg per trip accounting, the electricity supplier train can carry about 220 thousand shipments, split down the price advantage is obvious.

to Beijing to Guangzhou, for example, the cost of motor transport is 0.5 yuan / kg to $0.7 / kg, aircraft transport at 1.2 yuan / kg, the railway transportation cost of $0.3 / kg to 0.5 yuan / kg. The railway transportation cost lower than the motor transport from 30% to 40%, lower than aircraft transport more than half.

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