50 yuan red match supermarket O2O 50 years down the line blocked Alipay habit

lead: Alipay offline promotion supermarket is a special case of the industry, but if the industry in the beauty industry, apparently such a problem would not exist.


double 12 shopping carnival, Alipay launched a Mou up promotion of O2O model under the line in the country, including taxi drops, major shopping malls, supermarkets, and even some small restaurants, food stores.


double end of the day, "Alipay search + Boyle" keyword combinations by Baidu, showed that nearly 800 of the report. So aunt in the end is not the biggest contributor to this double 12 melee

?The investigation of

Sina technology results but let person be startled at, found Sina Technology Survey, almost 40 years old become whether the use of Alipay’s natural watershed: the young age of 40 users through the Alipay payment has become a common channel daily online shopping, but this group gets "double 12" information channels mostly from SNS on information sharing, network activities and advertising and Alipay information push.

for more than 40 year old middle-aged users, especially the elderly aged over 50 users, "Alipay" brand awareness is more than 60%, for "double 12" activities of information channels mainly from TV and supermarket posters.

In an interview with

found in Sina Technology, a lot of "aunt" does not use Alipay, most of the uncle, aunt also give up because of learning to use the software installation, trouble and long queues waiting for payment. In the double 12 day activities Wumart supermarket responsible person also confirmed the authenticity of the investigation, he said the dual 12 day checkout line is very long, most of them are young people, not many of the elderly.

from this point of view, 50 yuan cap promotional activities do not seem to have been able to rival uncle aunt who developed decades of consumption habits. On the other hand, although the intelligent mobile phone has been popular, but share in older people but the proportion is not large, it is restricted to a certain extent the scope of alipay.

then Alipay will not withdraw from the stage of history aunt who


supermarket is Alipay offline promotion in the case of a special industry, but if the industry in the beauty industry, apparently such a problem would not exist.

According to reliable sources revealed

, double 12 after Alipay with a beautiful mind of most software integrators reached a depth of strategic cooperation, formally enter the beauty industry. It is understood that the United States is a record company specializing in the development of beauty management software, and provide solutions to the beauty of the company, advocated subversion of the traditional American industry, to create a new O2O business model. It seems that this Alipay not only successfully enter the beauty industry, but also a big move.

beauty industry

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