QQ mall will be charged 6000 yuan fee every year some businesses fled

last year, Taobao mall greatly improve the merchant fees triggered a joint protest this year, Tencent QQ mall charge is a lot of low-key. Reporters learned yesterday from Nandu, March 1st QQ mall has started charging measure, Tencent said "the industry is the lowest standard", but it still caused some businesses to flee, there are businesses that are willing to move to a new free e-commerce network platform.

annual fee will be charged 6000 yuan

QQ mall website announced charges, charges are divided into good margin (Cheng Baojin) and the platform to use the service annual fee, transaction service fee three parts. The Prudential premiums to 20 thousand yuan / single store annual fee is 6000 yuan / year. The transaction technology service fee is charged according to the percentage of turnover.

Tencent officials said, the charges began from March 1st, and compared to similar platform, QQ mall industry maintain the lowest rate level and service fees, and for the outstanding performance of the businesses will be given preferential discount rates. "I hope that through this market-oriented means to promote the seller’s efforts to improve their operational and service capabilities, to better enhance the long-term competitiveness."

is still a lot of businesses feel uncomfortable

in fact, since the October 2011 Taobao mall significantly raise fees, the network of electronic mall charges become more sensitive. The QQ mall has made it clear that, from the end of March to second years during the promotion season, will not charge." According to the position at that time can be seen, QQ mall charges as early as was brewing.


businessmen and how? Yesterday at the QQ mall in the mobile phone network sales, Mr. Song said, Taobao began charging after he moved to QQ, now the Tencent fees, he will continue to the next step to new e-commerce platform. "The main is our own profits too low, earn 50, 60 yuan a mobile phone only, now royalty will be 20, 30 yuan, the profit is lower, not to make," Mr. Song said, this fee policy, whether online shopping family or businesses will become a burden. In order to make money, businesses can only choose "escape" to free shop website.

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