Through the introduction of imported logistics pocket WeChat allow sea Amoy bigger

June 30th news, it was learned that WeChat’s third party service providers pocket pass will be introduced in the background of cross-border electricity supplier logistics services, providing logistics support for the merchants on its platform imports.

it is understood that the day before, "pocket" has been with the Guangzhou Weiyun Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. "overseas" platform overall signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

According to the agreement,

pocket will be designated overseas through the designated import logistics service partner for its micro shop, in the pocket through micro shop background for its open interface. The "overseas" will be "pocket" to provide customers with standardized, standardized import logistics services and support support.

the two sides will achieve docking system, including docking order receipt, inventory management accounts, a key to open the order status tracking and feedback information, and based on the "pocket" terminal stores (including but not limited to WeChat, micro-blog terminal end) launched a one-stop import and export logistics, customs clearance and other cooperation.

it is understood that the "overseas" is the Guangzhou pilot cross-border electricity supplier logistics platform, the main push B2B2C import bonded direct mail business, electronic business platform for businesses and domestic business of imported goods to provide overseas warehouse receipt, import transport, bonded warehousing, sorting and packing, customs clearance, electronic data exchange and domestic delivery service.

an analyst pointed out that the current variety of overseas purchasing circle of friends in WeChat and WeChat group has been flooding, causing a considerable part of the user’s resentment WeChat. Due to the lack of effective means of supervision, consumers can not be informed of the true source of this kind of purchasing goods channels as well as true and false, mostly only through experience and provide a simple judgment on the level of familiarity with the purchase of service providers. And after the introduction of formal cross-border electricity supplier pilot channels in WeChat, at least to ensure that the source of goods is overseas; at the same time, will also promote the development of the sea Amoy business based on the number of WeChat public.

purchasing is just the primary form of sea Amoy, a single seller can do the limited size. After the introduction of professional logistics, it is really into the field of import electricity supplier, but also conducive to the size of the bigger." The above said.

"overseas" platform general manager Yang Xuehai to the billion state power network said that the future, all using the "overseas" service "pocket" micro shop, will have "double certification overseas" and "pocket" issued by the said, the formal import channels to consumers. At the same time, the "online overseas" to support cross-border imports of all logistics nodes in the query, consumers will be able to see the information in the logistics to buy goods is in the "international air transport", "bonded warehouse sorting" and "overseas customs clearance" etc..


analysts also pointed out that the current WeChat shop services are also increasingly fierce competition, including the Tencent also joined the competition, so the "pocket" early WeChat shop service providers are actively or passively to WeChat integrated service providers in transition. "Pocket pass" the introduction of imported electricity supplier logistics equivalent to its customers to provide a value-added services, is conducive to

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