Taobao in the fake whirlpool awesome network planning and construction is difficult to avoid the dif

in July 12th this year, the Japanese Ministry of economy and industry, said China’s online store sales of goods are a lot of counterfeit goods in Japanese enterprises. Recently, the online shopping mall is selling refurbished goods or fake events emerge in an endless stream. December 13th, CCTV "focus" to the "tort" program to say not popular in recent years, snow boots, and foreign trade clothing sales as an example, the exposure of a number of sales of counterfeit brand-name products shop, shop most exposure from

on the issue of online shopping fakes into the public view. A survey shows that the proportion of fake goods line in 30%~50%. Analysts also pointed out that the reason why fake lvjinbujue online shopping platform, online shopping platform is between popularity and reputation platform platform very difficult choice, if the fake real thing, it is bound to affect the popularity of platform. Online shopping platform itself is a complex contradiction: not only bear the first line of defense against fakes, but also the distribution of fake.

, we are saying that Taobao fakes rampant, I think there must be fakes on Taobao, but more net goods." Ma Yun said, Taobao and Alibaba is the biggest victim of fakes. We want to be a doctor, to cure the cancer." For Taobao, quality has become the primary problem. Analysys International analyst Cao Fei pointed out very high, a few years ago, C2C is a dominant Taobao, almost no rival. Taobao has been in the pursuit of scale development. At this stage it is necessary to raise the threshold.

in raising the threshold of the problem, in July 8th of this year, Taobao on the implementation of a new search rules, no longer in accordance with the shelf time of goods on the shelf, but to increase the quality factor of the seller’s service quality. Because Taobao also began to understand that the flow and scale, is not equal to the profit, which led to some of the C store sellers shop views and trading volume plummeted. But the 7.8 new regulations also to some extent is to enhance the quality of Taobao’s seller.

for consumers, how to avoid head-on encounter with fake, fake encounter could get paid into the public ‘s focus, and online shopping rights from first to last is a great problem. IT media pointed out that if you buy fake Taobao, businesses will allow you to issue the brand’s official fake proof, such as LV, Gucci and the vast majority of companies do not provide this service, so consumer rights into a dead end".

China Nobel pointed out that once consumers buy fakes and not be solved through word of mouth, try lots of negative communication will hinder the new entrants, the Taobao brand image will therefore be reduced. At the same time, one of Taobao’s big strategy is to get the recognition of international brands on the platform, such as Adidas, Nike flagship store opened in Taobao. Although these top international brands do not explicitly stop the agency shop, but the impact on Taobao’s fake brand image is one of their primary considerations. Therefore, from a strategic perspective, Taobao is imperative to fake.

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