Point of view the derivative is short lived Seizaburo


recently a lot of industry analysis in writing that the micro business people die, since the media, have to sing decline, said marketing circle of friends will slowly cool! To some extent, which has some truth, because there is a growth period, development period, recession period, this is the law of conservation of life. However, it is too arbitrary to assert that the current micro business is in recession. In fact, after the beginning of the continuous improvement of micro business, and constantly regulate the micro business through the early extensive development, is now entering a more rational and more healthy development. As a WeChat business practitioners, one of thousands of micro business, I also practice sellers in WeChat, WeChat marketing also wrote many articles, has witnessed the development of WeChat marketing circle of friends, every time I feel the profound changes, derivative is not short-lived seizaburo.

micro business development more healthy

micro business this is less than a year of new jobs, but the pace of development is quite amazing, every day may be tens of thousands of people to join the ranks. According to incomplete statistics, may be more than tens of millions of people in the WeChat business, a lot of people through micro business to solve the employment, build up the family fortunes, bought a house to buy a car, to realize their dreams of wealth! Many people see friends in WeChat by sellers, earn money, have also joined, it is because this leads to a circle of friends, WeChat has become a place where sellers. Everyone in the scraper, all in the sellers, so that some have not joined the micro’s friend could not stand, will not be accepted. Even said that we are doing pyramid schemes, these are normal, we can understand that you do not understand me, I do not need you to understand, because I rely on their own efforts to make money.

I do micro business fast one year, has experienced a critical period of several WeChat changes: such as WeChat limit friends, WeChat public numbers are not allowed to accumulate, not allowed to induce forwarding, WeChat red envelopes, WeChat payment, etc.. WeChat is constantly in the specification, during which there have been a lot of rumors that WeChat must not appear remittances, Alipay, money and other words, otherwise it will be. At that time many people have to make money or money instead of rice and other words, this is actually not the basis. Tencent developed the WeChat, let a lot of people to communicate in the above, you should think of today’s situation, where there will be someone’s business, this is the eternal law. May the WeChat team did not expect so many people to sell goods and mask in the above. Everything has two sides, in fact, to the contrary, if there are so many people and sell a mask, WeChat is unlikely to have so many people to use, will not develop so fast, will not let WeChat become a new marketing platform.

in a long time ago, I use WeChat very little, because I think there is nothing to do; do not like to add some people do not know, plus the former classmates, colleagues or customers, do not know all the. Can be done since the micro business, I try to add some people do not know, because I want to widen the network, so that more people know, and then buy my product. It is precisely because of this

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