Offer is not closing another car easy car mall business boom

car this year following the double 11 "Car Buying Carnival" again after winning its normal business platform – easy car mall recently launched 11.11 promotions. Through uninterrupted activity and normal mode, easy car mall to meet the consumer demand for Car Buying, highlights the car electricity supplier in the automotive field advantage.


It is reported that

, 11.11 easy car mall "Carnival is not closing, the car to grab" activities through exclusive sales, parallel imports of cars, new cars, early adopters of preferential models four college district to meet the different needs of consumers. Exclusive area prepared 2014 edition of the Odyssey, Beiqi Saab D70 for consumers, not only all the models from the easy car mall exclusive sale, and simultaneously to provide consumers with "zero Shoufu, zero fees and other auto finance service, convenient and quick; parallel import car area, including 2014 BMW X5 the Range Rover Sport, imported 3.0T regulated imports Ford explorer, including a variety of models available to consumers, with the price advantage and from single to have only 48 hours of" ultra high speed service, this area has attracted attention of many imported luxury car consumption; "new early adopters" area brings together the newly listed spirior, Chery Ai Ruize 3, Dongfeng Honda XR-V three new models, "preferential models" area to provide a large number of preferential models, increasing the scope of consumer choice.

BITAUTO mall is the car business platform based on B2C mode of BITAUTO joint automobile manufacturers launched the flagship price, can be customized and exclusive on the basis of paying three highlights, the subversion of the traditional B2C business model, more convenient for the user experience Car Buying. Since 2014 July on the line, easy car mall has made a series of dazzling results: in August, Lei Ling officially settled in the new car market, easy car mall sale; then the GAC MITSUBISHI Jin Hyun Jin Chang, two cars and TOYOTA Camry models the entire department settled sales, achieved sales performance exceeded expectations. Until now, easy car mall has been carried out in collaboration with more than and 30 car manufacturers, covering 55 brands, 186 models, 814 cars.

easy car mall to achieve these results, from car manufacturers and consumers. Consumers have said that in the whole experience to the car easy car mall Car Buying electric considerate service, online orders, put the car down the line fast and convenient, but also "the price" in the form of replacing in various 4S stores with bargain troubles. Manufacturers responsible person said, is very optimistic about the underwriting generation operating mode, easy car mall car to expand sales channels, increase sales.

Successful data show that

easy car mall stage is the basis of normalization of the automobile electricity supplier, only 365 days of online selling cars in order to provide a platform for car manufacturers sales model, in order to provide affordable, safe, fast and convenient service for consumers Car Buying. BITAUTO by easy car mall will electric cars really to normalization, expanding their leading electricity supplier in the automotive field.

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