Electronic commerce is the next ten years the best start empty handed entrepreneurial field


electronic commerce in recent years extremely hot, online shopping has become a topic of people talking about people at leisure, from the previous distrust of the network, now in the habit of online shopping, online shopping consumer groups have been developed. E-commerce has therefore become a hot business areas. Compared to other areas, e-commerce has many advantages, especially for the start empty-handed grass-roots entrepreneurs, e-commerce is a rare opportunity, why do you say that? 369 school here as we analyze some characteristics of Electronic Commerce:

First of all,

e-commerce threshold is low, less investment. Now the real price is very high, so the real economy to do what is a high investment. Even if you go to open a small shop is very small, there are a few places where the popularity of tens of thousands of dollars also need to invest, if it is in a lively place, a small stall rent a few hundred thousand a year is necessary. On the Internet you open a shop in Taobao like platform, without a penny, even if you do an independent electricity supplier website, a year cost of hundreds of money is enough for you to run a day tens of thousands of customers to the online store, thousands of dollars a day server investment can support hundreds of thousands of customers visit this store capacity in the reality of a super large shopping malls also reach. Not to mention the reality and utility costs, property costs, the cost of all kinds of a multitude of names.

also do business in reality, for each process each post with a lot of staff needs, it will be very large expenses, but also face the problem of personnel management, and on the Internet, many business processes can be completed through the process automation, more convenient and more reliable than manual more quickly.

from the propaganda, the electronic commerce network marketing has many effective ways of free publicity, strategy properly than pay the effect is good, because the characteristics of the network information communication is convenient, but in reality does not exist, do you want to advertise in the media must spend money.


e-commerce can develop rapidly. If you do a little business in the real world, there are generally regional restrictions, only limited to your local consumer groups, and their spending power is limited, which limits the rapid development and expansion of you. On the web, you are directly facing the country hundreds of millions of Internet users to do business, the huge consumer market, you can do a lot without any restrictions, even if you do a very small example only sell a mobile phone, the consumer group is very considerable, the development of millet is obvious to people you, typically rely on electronic business within a short period of time developed rapidly, so many years of development of traditional manufacturers are unmatched. Another feature of the Internet is fast, with the help of the Internet platform is also the fastest growing e-commerce business model. In recent years, the emergence of the upstart in addition to the basic real estate to do the internet.

again, do not need to fight e-commerce. To do business in the real world, you have to deal with the various departments, and even to reject harassment coping may, if you are not good at interpersonal relationship, there is no certain background background, it is difficult for you to do good, every two or three days.

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