Washing laundry into the campus O2O lazy student user group development

In April 10th,

news, O2O recently launched a project to the laundry washing laundry on campus activities into the campus to provide bedding and winter cleaning service for college students. It is reported that Hangzhou is the first online cat washing washing platform, users can enjoy the WeChat public number 24 hours door-to-door orders, washing clothes, washing out the entire process of tracking and 72 hours one-stop Valet laundry service experience.

billion state power network to understand, to washing compared to other laundry O2O project has the following characteristics:

, a cat washing is "rooted" in Hangzhou for more than ten years of traditional enterprises, the development of a chain of dry cleaners offline mode perfect.

two, cat washing self logistics, give full play to the advantages of the long tail effect.

(pictured: cat washing APP screenshot)

According to

data show that the range of send and receive cat washing four district, Hangzhou are: Jianggan District, Shangcheng District, Xihu District and Binjiang District. The laundry category is divided into: the spring and autumn and winter clothing accessories, three categories. In addition, cat washing provides two kinds of methods: one is to send and receive door-to-door delivery, door-to-door collection service, convenient washing; the two is a smart cabinet collection, the user can receive clothing in cat wardrobe, free access. At the same time, the whole laundry has its own shop in Taobao.

(pictured: Taobao laundry shop cat screenshot)

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