The next gold mine of the electronic financial supermarket


electronic commerce from 97 years in the domestic enlightenment, rise, promotion, practical implementation, vigorous development, the explosive growth of today, people from all walks of life on the battlefield to dash, however e-commerce retail market in the financial industry or in the unknown why?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?The particularity of

financial products, trading threshold, high amount of products related to the security of online transactions, online payment, online transactions loopholes, web service is not perfect and so many reasons to let those traditional financial service providers are proficient in business, still do not believe that this virtual online market, cause the combination of financial industry and electronic commerce so slow.


"development is the hard truth", the popularity of online banking, user data explosive growth, wide application of credit card, users demand for financial products online shopping, the support of national policy, the rapid development of electronic commerce industry adjacent etc. eventually confirmed the financial industry must move toward e-commerce, but also to take the express train of electronic commerce the rapid development of the industry.

financial supermarket, not just

early in the 07 years of financial industry in the electronic commerce Honghua quietly open, according to the website of the person in charge, according to the financial industry and electronic commerce is already planning and they represent the general trend, layout, for the implementation of the perfect combination of experience research a few years financial industry experts, access, user surveys, advanced case the reality from foreign countries, after the industry e-commerce application research to implement this strategy. Mentioned in the text: the traditional financial services companies mostly has many years of business entities could be transplanted to the B2C online financial supermarket, compared with the reality of the supermarket better is a one-stop service at home. The establishment of enterprise financial supermarket stores in the global capital financial supermarket, promote their VI image, the dissemination of information, product promotion, new product promotion information released for the first time, online conversation, transaction management, online customer service CRM, customer management, enterprise recruitment etc.. In the market scale, enterprise informatization, enterprise Internet users, ERP, CRM, online payment, credit card has a size of the tide, the traditional way of online transplantation, has raced.

according to the insiders, the financial supermarket 07 years on-line after the operation has been keeping a low profile, hard skills, in WEB technology, SEO, business model, customer service, capital alliance and industry resources are for prison transmission, especially when the content of pains, to ensure the full. The heat, the fire, the most abundant, the most valuable, the most professional, the most depth, the most influential, the outbreak is waiting for the moment.

website operation director said: there are more bitterness and joy to do financial supermarket, we initially planned not ready in the first three years of profit, while the cost is large, but the harvest will pay, and many financial institutions when it comes to this project this leadership can warm approval and support, he was very pleased, he always believed. Financial supermarket to lead the financial industry to another development heights, in the future "

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