The investment results are secure domain name if you want to get rich

spent more than 10 thousand to buy the domain name of the Internet, after more than half a year, but one did not sell, Ms. Hou regret had believed that the sky pie, the dream of a dream of "". The source pointed out that the domain name investment risk, investors should keep their eyes open, careful analysis of the domain name value.

Ms. Hou

originally worked in a training institution, in April received a phone call, the other said that there will be an investment training will be invited to attend. "After that, it was found that the Internet company to sell the domain name." Ms. Hou said, there are two people in a circle, a bunch of materials into my hands, and then began to say how much better their domain name, can make a lot of money." In the process of selling the domain name to Ms. Hou two people, as well as a person from time to time to say that someone took a fancy to the domain name, is on the way.

I usually surf the Internet, know that there is such a thing, but do not know much. Listen to them as if it is very profitable to buy a ‘NetEase’ domain name. That person also told me that the domain name is less than 100 thousand you do not sell."

second days, as expected, someone contacted Ms. hou to buy the domain name, bid $50 thousand. Later, Ms. Hou in the other side of the sale and bought 4 domain names. 5 domain names are registered for each of the 10 years, spent a total of $14 thousand. But after more than half a year’s time, but no one to buy a domain name Hou Hou thing.

later, from a friend there, Hou lady learned that he was on the. "Those who want to buy the phone is child care! I was hit back, those who are in the field with a private network company."

an engineer engaged in the development of the site, said the investment domain to be careful to judge its value, many domain names are not as expensive as the intermediary companies claimed. "The name of a company can be registered into several domain names, but the company will buy these domain names?."

, according to Ms. Hou recalled that day to invest will be more than thirty or forty year old middle-aged people, many people have been fooled to buy a domain name. "People, it is lucky." Ms. Hou concluded that he was fooled experience said, I think the sky will always fall pie, maybe the pie will become a trap."

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