Mobile independent brand mobile phone was exposed configuration low end price 499 yuan

last December, China Mobile publicly said to push its own brand of mobile phones, and now its first code named China Mobile M601 models were exposed users.

It is reported that

, the machine is running Android 4.2 system, equipped with 1.2GHz Marvell dual core PXA988 processor, screen resolution of 800× pixels; 480, 3 million 100 thousand pixel camera, support TD-SCDMA network standard is natural, battery capacity 1500mAh. Users also exposed, the machine sales price of 499 yuan, after running the test score of 11568, from its overall configuration is obviously a low-end products.

for its own brand of mobile phones, mobile has previously stated that it plans to launch its own brand of mobile phones in 2013, but will not compete directly with existing terminal partners. At the same time will own brand Pad terminal products, and even some accessories will be listed on the sale.

it is understood that this year, plans to sell 120 million mobile terminal TD-SCDMA, I hope that the smart phone for the 80%, and with the commercial conditions of the TD-LTE terminal will also be launched around the three quarter of this year. China Mobile chairman Xi Guohua at the beginning of the exhibition had said that China Mobile will launch its own brand TD-SCDMA terminal in the third quarter.

at the moment, do phone is not difficult. Early mature industry chain, from design, production, manufacturing, chip OS, a service company in the industry, whether it is to produce their own, or to find the third party contract, can effectively solve the supply problem. In this terminal is king era, excellent terminal can bring a new user base, and become a mobile Internet portal, which is exactly the same as the desire to escape the pipeline to survive the death of the loop.

although China Mobile recently launched the first 4G terminal tender, is stepping up the construction of the layout of the LTE crazy, but that does not mean that it abandoned the 3G market. The move also rely on independent brands instead of TD mobile phone "old fashioned" image, hope that turning on 3G mobile phone.

for the user’s exposure of the phone, the mobile official currently does not have any position.

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