Messi department store Tmall super brand day in Shanghai party

news September 24th, according billion state power network is understood today, Messi stores and Tmall cooperation "Tmall super brand" officially launched.

Tmall side said that the Tmall super brand will be moved throughout the day Messi Department store. "Today, there will be 600 types of goods transported from the United states.

in addition, today, Tmall super day and Messi department store will hold a party in Shanghai, coco will also be at the scene of the. Prior to this, Tmall super brand day went to the United States together with Messi department store held a fashion show, coco served as the Chinese host.

is reported that the United States Messi department store (Macys), is a United States Department Store’s company (United States Department Store in 1994 acquired the department store in the United States, Messi). Messi department store (Macys) is a famous American Chain Corporation, its flagship store is located in New York City, hinord square (Herald Square), 1924 Messi department store (Macys) at seventh avenue opened has been promoted as "the world’s largest store". Messi department store (Macys) also has 2 National flagship stores, located in San Francisco’s Union Square and Chicago street.

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