Tmall supermarket Jincheng 2018 or up to one hundred billion scale super Huarun

news in 2016 April 11th, United Business Network Conference and Global Retail Innovation Summit, Tmall supermarket general manager Jin Cheng disclosed that over the past three years, Tmall supermarket sales each year holds 4 times, is expected to 2018 Tmall supermarket sales of over billion, beyond the now Hua Runcheng as the country’s largest hypermarket.

Tmall supermarket general manager Jincheng

Jincheng said, in order to meet the consumer online one-stop shopping, Ali and Tmall in the supermarket operation besides Taobao and Tmall, the online super brand to say with the value of three aspects: one is the fastest and most potential sales channels; two is the most valuable media platform is three; data marketing platform is very efficient.

compared to sales channels, Jincheng valued Tmall supermarket as a media platform and data marketing platform value. In the era of television as the main media, CCTV is the largest media platform. With the development of the Internet, and then Baidu to become the largest media platform. Later, with the development of e-commerce, and now Alibaba has become the largest media platform. Tmall supermarket average daily flow of 10 million, can be described as huge value."

addition, Jincheng said: for example, the end of November 2015, Tmall supermarket and Jinlongyu had a promotion, advertising only for potential customers for accurate delivery, the day turnover of more than eleven. One can imagine, in terms of data precision marketing, online potential is very large. Based on the massive user data Tmall supermarket, the future can carry out more accurate marketing, resulting in a higher conversion rate of arrival."

billion state power network to understand, Tmall supermarket is different from the Jingdong and the self-employed business shop No. 1. Tmall supermarket is committed to customer service, responsible for warehousing, logistics and distribution; two is responsible for the operation of data flow and operation; the other is responsible for the category of planning; the four is responsible for the results of the operation of the entire platform is responsible for the three. The business is responsible for inventory management, commodity pricing, event management, brand operations, and their own business results. In the end, Tmall supermarket sales commission through the collection of business profits.

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