The final price domain jiemiansha netful as golden touch

In December 12th, the $3 million 300 thousand purchase price Emay domain, invested heavily to build the M.CN website has finally arrived, and send out the "Curse of the Golden Flower" 1000 premiere tickets to attract the user’s attention. Emay CEO Li Yan to join the business and consumer representatives jointly launched the website launch ceremony, said M.CN can also support the computer, mobile phone and PDA access, provides a readily available personalized life preferential services for consumers. M.CN show in front of consumers and businesses to the one and only "squares" image, mark Emay officially launched mobile precision marketing strategy.

on the day of the conference, Emay started M.CN at the same time, launched the "one yuan" golden armour "panic buying premiere tickets" activity. According to the organizers Emay responsible person, this activity from December 13th 14:00, as of December 14th 14:00, fans only need to use mobile phone directly on the M.CN, you can experience the wireless Internet WAP. There will be 1000 scheduled to premiere in December 14th of the "Curse of the Golden Flower" movie tickets on M.CN waiting for consumers to click to buy.

according to the reporter, this new win preferential way is the original intention of Emay launched M.CN. Users can browse through the phone WAP function or M.CN website, click on the download SMS coupons to get a variety of offers businesses. Li Yan said, M.CN is unique in that the mysterious "squares" is the optimization of the WAP website view form. M.CN website backstage database can be combined with every visitor’s consumption preferences, mobile phone ownership information to automatically adapt to every consumer demand for personalized, automatic discharge on the mobile phone screen visual focus of the most concentrated each people are most interested in the location of the information.

          therefore, Emay use special holographic automatic adaptation technology, not only can the squares in the picture information, automatic adaptation to more than 2000 mobile phone and PDA terminal, to achieve perfect display effect, at the same time using position adaptation and information partition display adapter technology to achieve the same site for different customers personalized information presentation.

          the subversion of the traditional channels before printing coupons or businesses posted online coupons, instead of mobile network channel has 450 million mobile phone users use, not only saves the cost of business promotion, to expand the range of precision, effectively guarantee the role of promotion, also let consumers no longer worry spam textmessages, really experience the high quality of life to a user centric mobility.

from the "Curse of the Golden Flower" premiere in two days, we also hope that M.CN can bring the majority of consumers and businesses as a film like magic memorable Hyun >

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