A flat website promotion of money in up

              network promotion this occupation is started from professional Internet Co, later due to Google and Baidu around the strong promotion site and search engine advertising and bidding, as well as Alibaba, such as hc360.com e-commerce website popularity, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to try new business network promotion bring, but the various fields and industries the level of awareness of website promotion in a world of difference, according to my car, IT, health care, immigration and other industries in the forefront, most of them have been set up network promotion special position, and most of these personnel from the Internet industry, but some have very mature operation.

                I hope that these are not mentioned, but many people are now learning network promotion, the goal is very vague, or for personal website traffic, or for personal interests, in order to summarize the popularization and promotion, in fact, a huge commercial value of network promotion I do not care how many people, over a period of time of public relations, so just optimize a keyword "Nanjing time", in the long term Google remained in the first two, only the 2008 year keywords I received 2 list, a total of 80 thousand turnover, because the customer trust, I picked up again this year their business website.

                so I think network promotion more money to help enterprises do network marketing, go deep into the industry, if you are lucky enough in some industries, where good learning network promotion, carefully applied to your industry, then return will be very rich, I recently met that do network promotion in gynecological hospital, they are a Singapore pharmaceutical investment company, network marketing work he in the service of the company’s more than and 30 private hospitals, do a full 5 years, related websites, the industry related keywords ranking situation inside the annual salary, he is quite rich, and are often invited to guide the hospital industry.

              Chinese SMEs everywhere on the Internet, they hope to try, but very cautious attitude, they are eager to have many very understanding of their industry network promotion master, this demand is to do network promotion people and realize their biggest market the value of the vast world. Do an industry professional website promotion, real close to the enterprise to do promotion, and not for promotion and promotion.

              can help enterprises to carry out several aspects of network marketing capabilities and resources are:


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