Google adsense2007 webmaster forum will be held in May

      Google Adsense after several years of development has Chinese " " however, many of the details that need the webmaster to talk together, study together, can make the Google Adsense plan is more perfect, can truly become the webmaster of poverty alleviation plan, Google Adsense Google Adsense group will host the meeting.

in the near future

  I know, the theme of the conference: further optimization, electronic remittance, account security, invalid clicks, increase income. Let me see the heart or the electronic remittance to account security. Other more say more flashy without substance.

  for the meaning of the electronic remittance is really great, the majority of the owners of the problem can be said to receive a check depressed, and so on a word.

  for the account security would like to know more about, although also can be said to be old, but still have to keep him in the specific rules of.

the first half of the year should be held in 5 cities: Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou,,,

it is said that the meeting is more real, are based on the majority of the webmaster, so the problem is very real. Are more concerned about the issue of.

so I think it’s worth attending.

seems to have quota restrictions.

if you want to sign up to participate in the webmaster can contact me, I can give you apply for quota

contact QQ:285445


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