Bitter medicine online shopping seven days no reason to return the measures implemented next year 3

September 27th, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on its official website issued a network to buy goods seven days no reason to return the implementation approach (Draft) for public comment notice.


"approach" clear, online commodity sellers should perform seven days no reason to return obligations. When consumers return, should guarantee the integrity of goods, should also be gifts (material, integral, vouchers, coupons) back together. The Seller shall return the commodity price paid to the consumer within seven days from the date of receipt of the returned goods. Time limit for no reason to return within seven days, began to receive consumer orders parcel time calculation.

public opinion after the improvement of the approach will be March 15, 2017, the official implementation.

at the same time, the "measures" provisions, four categories of goods does not apply no reason to return seven days, including: consumer made goods; perishable goods; consumer online download or unpacking of audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; delivery of newspapers and periodicals.

in addition, three kinds of commodities by consumers at the time of purchase confirmation, can not apply to seven days no reason to return to the nature of the goods shall include: change, affect the safety or health of goods easily after unpacking; once activated or derogatory commodity value larger after the trial; the sale of goods has expressly near shelf life the defective goods.

opened for goods can return, the "measures" proposed regulations, consumers need to open the inspection based on the packaging of goods, or to confirm the quality of the goods, and the reasonable debugging function does not affect the goods in good condition. This means that, after the inspection of goods parcels Kaifeng, does not affect its good still return.

punishment, the network seller of goods in violation of the relevant provisions of the unauthorized expansion of Na seven days no reason to return a range of goods, shall be given a warning, ordered to correct; refuse to correct, punishable by ten thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine".

legal personnel online shopping seven days no reason to return, approach attitude

Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law

communication law deputy director Zhu Wei pointed out that it is not suitable for seven days no reason to return to the specific types of goods, the most important when you do like to return freight, buy with points or points to buy goods to retreat, which made it very clear.

approach requires consumers to return the goods should be intact. Beyond the quality and function of commodity inspection and confirmed to use commodities, resulting in commercial value from large, as the product is not good. The trademark logo clothing, footwear products are picked, logo was cut, contaminated, damaged goods, as the product is not good.

Zhu Wei believes that this is still a loophole. If the trademark logo affixed to the site must be opened, the opening must be inspection, is bound to damage the trademark

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