Online shopping craze spread to the field of traditional retail car no longer

NetEase Francisco December 30th message, according to the financial times, London’s Audi exhibition hall, two seater R8 Spyder coupe – Audi’s high-end models, quietly parked in the shop window. However, the exhibition hall is not like the traditional crowded dealer showrooms, filled with a variety of cars. Instead of a giant TV screen controlled by a touchpad, consumers can view Audi’s full range of car models on an electronic screen.

Audi believes the store marks a new trend in the future of automotive retailing. No real car, just in Western dress and leather shoes sales staff. Located in the most bustling streets of London, away from the nearest assembly plant. Customers can use Audi’s digital interaction, in the absence of contact with the car to buy a car. Online direct marketing is changing the way the car manufacturers interact with customers.

‘s revenue and profits are declining and the consumer behavior of a new generation of consumers is changing, and they want to buy cars in the same way they buy music, clothes and electronics. According to consulting firm Frost&, Sullivan research, global online car sales will grow from 2011 to 2025 between $4 billion 500 million to $eight, accounting for 20% of car sales share. Developed countries, such as Britain and the United States, online sales market share will reach 25% by 2025.

Frost&, a partner at Sullivan, said: "digital showrooms and online sales are a major shift in the future of the automotive industry, and will soon arrive. This will change the way people buy cars." The operating costs of the entity dealer are expensive, and the profit margins of new car sales in Europe are usually less than 1% of the vehicle price, while the fierce competition and discounts are still driving down prices.

traditional retailers to choose car shopping will be gone for ever. Click on the Internet can be displayed on a few customers need products. Traditional car buyers may lament the lack of negotiation or lack of enthusiasm in the sales process. But the website offers full details, including a transparent price. In the digital age means that the buyer is in a more favorable position, while the seller is not free to raise the price of space.

for manufacturers, online direct sales can save a lot of indirect costs and increase their profits. European car manufacturers have seen a decline in profitability over the past ten years here is the most competitive car market. According to GfK, a market research firm, about 1/3 of people under the age of the UK will choose to buy a car online, while the number of people who said they would go online to search for the type of before buying.

, the world’s largest search engine, Google has quietly launched its own parity site, you can compare the price of U.S. new car dealers. At the same time, social media sites, such as Facebook, have established a dedicated team to work with car manufacturers to customize ads to users. Year >

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