Xu Yirong said in the beautiful love we created a new species


"TechWeb my 2011" series of beauty says CEO Xu Yirong.

said the beautiful line of four months, one day while online users exceeded 400 people, Xu Yirong took all the staff to ecstasy, leopard to eat a big meal, "said no reason, is excited, hard to drink, to drink the last……" Entrepreneurship for so many years, this is one of his few

oral / Xu Yirong finishing / Kexin winter tree

[TechWeb] "the world is not what we see in our eyes, it’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time."

said the man called Xu Yirong.

listen to the name familiar? Many people may not remember who is this guy, let me add his resume: Peking University undergraduate, master Standford, engineer, IBM Research Institute, said Founder Founder zhuaxia beautiful.

2011 is this man transport years, before this, the people of his evaluation is the largest turtles live IT The climate does not suit one., male, today is full of praise.

Alibaba chief of staff Ceng Ming told him: Taobao and other beautiful mode of waiting for two years. Not only in the field of women, Ali hopes to appear in all dimensions of ‘beauty’."

Sequoia Capital Kui Zhou said of him: "art is dead once, made a mistake, so understand."


"the world is like this, you’ll never see it all." Xu Yirong across the table was a bad smile.

and most IT men calm and reserved, Xu Yirong very good communication, sunshine smile always hanging on the face, embarrassed problem does not forget the self mockery, between trance you will feel to find Huang Xi in his shadow, with the US Vice President Gore joked to fame, claiming the cucumber yellow. Watermelon west of the famous Chinese American comedian.

"like? Well, I accept it." Is a burst of laughter.

people used to hang two labels in Xu Yirong: founder of shrimp and beautiful to say. And our conversation is naturally around the two parts: the first part, he said the most is: I thought, I thought. The second part, he said that the concept is nonsense, put the user experience to the extreme and practice.

why isn’t it

today?Xu Yirong had 5 and a half years in the United States before starting

. He has a bright background: university undergraduate, master Standford, do data mining in IBM research institute.

"once a person is paid on live up feel boring. At that time saw Robin Li they do Baidu a fly

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