How to make the information posted on the B2B website into an order

every day to send information online, but how will the customer information into customer, will be converted into the list, is the most troubled people of things, some people send a lot of information is not the list, and some people made a little information can get a lot of the list, why so big difference? Some methods for this I will some how to get more benefits from the web site to everyone, for everyone to share.

1, adhere to update information every day

After all

registration website, some will release a lot of information, only registered and released no information, no release information, you will lose a chance to compete equally with others, will be eliminated. Release of information, but not the timing of the retransmission, it will lose the chance to compete with others, each site will be updated periodically, must find the right time, in the update one minute before resending the message (this website is generated once every 2 hours), so you can put the information in front of others the information (the same level of users).

sites are distinguished from the general trade with ordinary users, business users will be ranked in front of ordinary users, relative to the average user, the probability of trade through the user greatly increased.

2, accurate contact

I often received some phone that is looking for a manufacturer, says the wrong website contact, if not the website contact, you will lose this list, so we must improve the good website contact. In order to better allow customers to contact you, open the message on the site through the function, the customer can contact you at any time, if your phone is 24 hours boot.

3, information headlines focus on keyword

whether others search on the site or in the search engine search, keyword search is undoubtedly the key to the information, as the saying goes, the title of the article is completed 80%, the same information is similar. Your content is very comprehensive, but others can not search, or empty. For example, there is a manufacturer of HOLLEY power meter can be released for the title, the supply of HOLLEY electric energy meter so that the search HOLLEY electric energy meter, HOLLEY meter, the supply of HOLLEY power meter, electric energy meter can be searched out. Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of key words.

if you want to get the most benefit from the network, advertising is undoubtedly the most concise way. For example: China Electronic and electrical network Every day the most visited page is the home page, so in the home to do advertising can get more opportunities than others, and will give a year of business, think about your advertisement in the home page, and update the information, the information industry will be in the home, not to list your hands up where?

when the release of information to the attention of the above points can better get the list, even if you spend thousands to buy a advertising, but you don’t have the few list money back? Site would not exist today in the past.