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weekly Times reporter intern reporter Huang Zixi from Guangzhou,,

in September 7th, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said that to promote the pharmaceutical, medical and prescription drug retail enterprises and information sharing, and promote cross-border integration and accelerate the pharmaceutical business development, will be the key to drug retail industry in the future transformation of service mode, the Ministry of Commerce will cooperate with relevant departments to study and formulate relevant policies, the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier system and standard.


, "a pharmaceutical business inflection point theory. The statement of the Ministry of commerce is extremely critical, to a certain extent, is also the direction of the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier pointed out the direction." Ding Ding Beijing medical management consulting center, Shi Lichen, said in an interview with die Zeit reporter.

at present, the traditional pharmaceutical companies have felt the impact of the internet. Therefore, the peers are also actively layout pharmaceutical electricity supplier in this field." Guangdong Kang’ai Multi Chain Pharmacy Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kang’ai") chairman Wang Yanxiong told the weekly times reporter.

in fact, pharmaceutical electricity supplier has been the focus of attention in the industry, prescription drug release is also the key to the development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Publicly available data show that China’s market share of prescription drugs for 800 billion yuan, while not only prescription drugs for $200 billion. Prescription drugs Maori high market share, if the cake is cut, the market outlook is considerable.

, however, the real question is: how to prescription medical institutions and how to share prescription information with the electricity supplier companies…… These are still inconclusive.

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last May, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the "Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)".

eighth clearly pointed out: Internet drug operators shall, in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the drug classification management, prescription sales of prescription drugs; prescription, standard format, validity, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the prescription management. This is interpreted as a clear B2C platform can sell prescription drugs. If the trip, 800 billion yuan prescription drug market will become a huge cake.

into 2015, by the relevant policies continue to stimulate the positive, the amount of investment in pharmaceutical electricity providers continue to hit a new high. Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607.SH) August 18th announcement, its business platform of Shanghai medical health cloud Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "cloud medicine health") completed A round of financing, financing amounted to 1 billion 112 million yuan.

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O2O cloud cloud Health Medicine Department of Shanghai medical establishment in March this year. Jingdong and IDG capital shares, the shareholding ratio was 12.5% and 5%, the company’s core business is electronic prescription, drug data, patient data, these three platforms.

had the largest amount of financing to Guangdong one large pharmacy chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a drug network). This is a drug from B2C