How much is the public number of fans

students have asked me: E guest teacher, my public number is too small, only a few hundred, and some people even less than 10!!

then I ask you a question:

What is

? How much is the number of


here I can give you a material, E guest, the public number of users number less than 800, I spent a week’s time, just by this number successfully recruited to the first phase of 20 paying students (the first period of tuition is 120 yuan per person), the 800 users too much? < /p>

we need to understand a truth, if you are not predators, behind you do not have a strong capital and team, don’t think you can have the public number hundreds of thousands of millions of users, it is not impossible, but really not so easy! Anyway, even if you have money, you can not put the public No. well!! don’t think Taobao Tmall, Jingdong, shop No. 1 the whole category of electronic business platform and how good do, want to do big and complete, do not rely on luck, you are not to be able to do.

at the end of 2012 Ma on all businesses Taobao proposed a strategic guideline Small is beautiful (small and beautiful), whether it is in the PC electricity supplier or now mobile Internet, small and beautiful has always existed. "Small is beautiful" is a synonym "thin and fine", then I want to share content from the "thin and fine".

10 users do not look down on you, don’t think you 100, 1000 users, on the one hand without these users as a basis, how do you do 11 users? How do you develop to 1001 users? On the other hand we have pure and not universal, not to envy others large millions of fans. We only need to manage our own one-third of an acre of land; a little gossip, you this 10 users in one could be worth tens of millions of rich, if you can get to know him? Are you 1 users on top of people

1W users?

users need to maintain

is not a WeChat to grab a red envelope inside said "small mosquito is meat, but to really treat every one of our customers, he can pay attention to your public number that must be what attracted him (relatives friends), or touched him, or you have to pay attention to your skull bag public no! Here is a responsibility, on the other hand is the heart.

of people concerned about your public number, just as consumers into your shop, you have to provide service responsibility, not to tell you the user said: Today fewer guests, do not do business, you go!! I believe that there is almost no boss is such. When we do WeChat public operations and promotion is the same reason, we need to accumulate, the accumulation takes time, requires a process, safeguard each had paid close attention to your old customers, have a chance to let them introduce more new users to come off.

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