Use of emotional marketing not all brands are suitable for such a tease powder

is now the fans economy era, overnight, almost all brands are in the work of "emotional marketing":

street is to encourage "confident, brave and independent, self-reliance, nonconformist, live a great life, struggle," chicken full of advertisements;

or "love, care, understand you," and so full of warmth of advertising language;

or "ingenuity brewing, 100 years focused on XXX, choose only the most XXX" feeling full of advertisements.

especially to the festival, the emotional marketing will be more become aggravated.

all is to fly up.

at first glance this type of advertising, some are fundamentally unintelligible, some simply don’t know what is the brand of


what’s wrong with that? Do you feel that the diaphragm should be in your heart, but you can’t describe it?

if you want to use a word to describe, this kind of diaphragm should be emotional marketing, give people a kind of "eat up".

what is the "full support"

earlier this year, emotional marketing is not universal, tired of the monotony of the consumer product advertising, then whenever there is who can promote one or two sentence emotion, consumers will be in phase to a variety of health care products, such as advertising and sports goods industry.

but with the popularity of social media, brands have been forced to the direction of the new media to the direction of emotional marketing, more and more, stereotyped, consumers again aesthetic fatigue.

this kind of "eat up" emotional marketing disadvantage?

first, the brand assets are unrestricted wanton extension: not only do not make good use of existing brand assets, but will bring damage to the brand assets.

For example, the original

brand "struggle" and "warmth" isobaric root is not detached, if not to mention the warmth and struggle, it is easy to erode the original brand assets, but let consumers cannot be accurate to memory in cognition and screening of the brand.

secondly, the connotation of the brand be over interpreted, the risk of "feelings" disease, too heavy emotion (whatever form) but let consumers heart burden and dare not too close to the brand, and the brand is more clear.

as a brand is very popular, if repeated propaganda some noble emotion / spirit, but to give people a wonderful feeling of neither fish nor fowl at a distance.


what kind of brand "should be considered" emotional marketing


note that "caution", not without.

1 is not a brand name

this sentence while listening to a mouthful, but the professionals understand. A lot of the so-called big brands, but also can not be called

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