Webmaster discussion how to do video channel construction

network power today, the new media video as richly endowed by nature, is also the focus of the construction site to gradually move closer to the construction of video channel. However, as a small site webmaster, the difficulties faced by three:

a, funds. Money is not everything, but in the construction site, no money is absolutely impossible. Server rental costs, the establishment of video channels, the server requirements are relatively high, so in order to ensure the speed of the site needs to spend more money.

two, video content. Now many sites are catching some of the roots of video, because the cost is almost zero, but there is no need for video copyright person in charge, this also led to the web video content messy, unable to meet the needs of members.

three, technology, management. People say that the site is a construction project, this is not wrong. Project management needs, no rules do not Cheng Fangyuan, in the face of such a high threshold video technical difficulties, but also need more investment.

so, we can not build small and medium video channels, how should I do?

1 video techniques, the threshold is not low, if there is no suitable partner, I won’t encroach on.

2, yes, for small and medium-sized construction sites, video channel has really high threshold, look at this "joke alliance", maybe you can help

3, video construction is a luxury, but also a profitable product