How to improve the download rate Zhang He answers

      sky software CEO Zhang crane: effectively improve the download rate of software, can be carried out in the following three ways:

first, the software continues to update the version update. Upgrade or improve the updated version of the software allows users to see the progress of the software.

secondly, the reasonable promotion through the major software stations. There are three ways to promote this, first, through the release of software skills and tutorials. The user through the teaching materials and technical knowledge of the release, the formation of the software has a certain understanding, and may download the software for trial. Second, get the effect of traffic exchange through cooperative Zhuanban or another form of propaganda. Through mutual cooperation and publicity, whether it is well-known or unknown sites, downloads can be significantly improved. Third, a certain advertising.

finally, green free plug-in software download a plug-in installation rate is higher than that of software, and has prompted the plug-in software download rate is higher than has no tip plug insertion. Green plug-in software without considering the user experience, and therefore the most popular users. For the Internet, the most effective advertising is word-of-mouth advertising. User friendly software will be effectively promoted through word of mouth.