How to make the site spread like a virus

said the most powerful means of network marketing as non viral marketing do not count, if fully the viral marketing application in the US on our website can be said to be radiant power. Because if the application of viral marketing often reached crazy marketing effect, at the same time, viral marketing is not to say that the ordinary can we make their "virus" more vitality, more easily spread out, so as to achieve better marketing results.

So many tens of thousands of

information on the Internet, so we have to consider how this information in too many to count your "virus" to attract users or users of the eye! Here I share with you a few tricks means I hope to help you.

first recruit, the most entertaining

is now the Internet what is the most popular, what is the most popular concern of Internet users, the answer is undoubtedly entertainment! Gossip! So we might as well make use of this content, such as what funny topic, if careful observation on the network cosmetics ah ah slimming products, we can find that most of them is the network editors masterpiece, which if cleverly added to our own advertising effect

as can be imagined!

second strokes, free power

said this is not only free is often used in traditional marketing, such as fill out a questionnaire, what what, in the era of network marketing in this free card is very useful Oh! It is always the stars shine, can talent shows itself in many of his competitors, such as free trial what cosmetics, free gifts and so on. These are the usual means, in think we see on TV advertising "360 permanent free antivirus software", this is a free application that


, a third user care

everybody want to be concerned about being noticed, so now no matter what holiday wishes, happy birthday more is the pursuit of a fashion, for example the Lipton tea has done very well, and Pepsi, they through a variety of standard language activities to allow users to lift he continues to be concerned about, continue to be blessed, so deep China netizens love, this should make use of every holiday to take care of Internet users.

finally, network marketing tricks very much, not only the above three, only to seize the essence of this paper can better play, welcome to reprint, please indicate the author but the station, ladies: