Want to sell things on WeChat comprehensive problem analysis and recommendations

WeChat to sell things, really have a certain threshold, the average person is not recommended to do WeChat to sell things to make money.



let me enumerate one by one:

a, the characteristics of the product summary:

WeChat to buy things, first of all you have to have the goods concerned; and the goods have to meet the following characteristics:

1, light weight, low cost

2, will not change because of the external environment and change; express in the fall, place the squeeze, the environment of the dry, placed the length of time to make your goods have deteriorated is not enough.

3, the unit price acceptable range: generally better than 10 yuan -300 yuan.

4, items must be mass consumer goods; metal materials and hardware processing I think you sell it?

, 5 items can best short period of repeated consumption; buy a rice cooker with a long time to estimate.

6, items do not have too much experience under the actual line: if you sell the fast-food restaurant on the trouble, the limitations are very narrow, up to a radius of about 5 km + a small amount of external customers.

7, do not have too much trouble after sale; for example, you want to buy a TV to teach each other how to use or TV out a small problem, it can be a little trouble.


probably meet the requirements of the remaining:

clothing, cosmetics, facial type (which is why the mask inside the WeChat fire a fundamental reason, because it is completely in line with acquaintances consumption, network operating sales of fundamental goods) and a small amount of electronic products and so on.

two, WeChat sales features:

1, the majority of WeChat’s friends belong to the circle of acquaintances (most of them are acquaintances)

2, WeChat is a semi closed circle, circle of friends outside the message you post a few people can see, but if you will the public number, you have a chance, but the public number is also not so easy to do, most of the information you will be concerned about the people you see, other external it is difficult to see.

3, WeChat’s friends outside the difficulty of obtaining active and passive gradually increase: you take the initiative to add friends, first there is a limit, second slow, time-consuming operation, others with your passive is more difficult, depending on your publicity.

4, WeChat transformation trouble: circle of friends to see you released the goods, even if you want to buy, have to go through the following steps:

to contact you directly transfers or WeChat paid to you, or micro letter envelopes for you, your delivery, the buyer receives goods, finished >