Foreign trade website marketing how to do Raksmart speaking from the user experience and SEO optimiz

from the user habits level, using foreign trade website host is almost doomed, a foreign oriented user group website, hosted in abroad, the normal use of performance and user groups "local" attributes simultaneously, can be said to be necessary based foreign trade website marketing.

site construction, need space, domain name and domain name brand program, belongs to the category, selected types of websites that moment will be the basic set of domain boundaries, function of the type of program is subject to the rest of the site, site space became closer to the "user experience" only an intrinsic element. In the face of the user is the foreign trade website user groups, foreign users schedule with different domestic demand speed time corresponding changes are different; the foreign search engine used is more Google, but the domestic search habits is Baidu…… These users tend to determine the only foreign host is the best choice for foreign trade website, adhering to the user experience as the premise.

Raksmart from the perspective of the advantages of the U.S. mainframe, the following key points to be noted in the foreign trade website marketing:

first, user experience; how to make users the fastest access site? Compared to virtual host a local host and across the sea, must be localized more convenient, and the foreign users of "localization", that is relative to their foreign trade website host. With the virtual host technology matures, the host has become the main overseas space mode of small and medium sized foreign trade enterprises at home and abroad, which Raksmart has more stable and faster speed, and the higher price of popular small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises of all ages.

In addition to the

site access speed, and can influence a user experience is the search engine, foreign users are more accustomed to using Google, Bing and so on, with a more suitable foreign user search habits, of course also conforms to the user habits, so that users have a better user experience.

and in the way of foreign trade website marketing, SEO search engine optimization is the most common way of marketing.

second, search engine optimization; from the user experience, we mentioned that users are more accustomed to using search engine, is also the best search engine optimization channel, then the host of Raksmart and to help you analyze the search engine optimization way what


Google bid, or SEO optimization is the main marketing mode of foreign trade site, compared to the price and customer loyalty, SEO optimization is much higher than the Google bid, that is to say SEO optimization is one of the most convenient way of foreign trade website marketing, website space to host the United States can quickly complete the content included, and moreover, only the weight of the rankings, the use of foreign host, have a chance to realize SEO optimization, because Google search server does not support the domestic.

in short, whether it is from the user experience, or from the promotion of foreign trade website, >