Electricity supplier marketing in the end rely on

marketers in the sales pressure after a long time, the eyes will slowly leave only the number. In order to maximize the performance as much as possible, will not consciously put aside the so-called brand tonality, etc..


the purpose of selling products leads to methods and execution is correct. Both online and offline transactions, as long as the business profits, price concessions could make a wave of popularity and sales, but we may be wrong.

marketing to rely on sales promotion?

does not rely on sales can pull high sales, some people will say that talking. Column of data it, just the past 6.18 big promotion, a brand sales activities of nearly 24 hours of 100W, customer price of 400; of which the sales of the old customers from the (here, the old customers have entered the shop to buy more than two times the customer) ().

since then, I believe rumors of the 28 law and in the first half of the accumulation of CRM indeed contributed.

marketing is the accumulation of


start from the most common coupons, but only coupons issued is not CRM, but is used up a low maintenance way, no one.

The role of

CRM is to facilitate unified management, timely activation of the crowd, the rapid spread of the message, and eventually at a certain point of the outbreak. For example, food products lead to different populations, eating cycle lead to the end of the time point different.

and different needs of different people, if the product does not eat what to buy or recommend before the end of the demand for


so, the first step is to be arranged on the customer.

according to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2013, a CRM system for the buyer to mark 150 million times, that is, for the management of the level of the 150 million customers.

targeted products, targeted recommendations, but still the same growth in sales.

talk again under the message, 80% businesses in the shipment will have a tracking message, 60% of the businesses in the customer after receipt will have a thank-you note, but only less than 10% of businesses will be in after the transaction to the product experience of caring.

is very glad that I made the last step, and has a special maintenance to buy more than 3 times the customer, and exclusive phone for their 24 hours boot. CRM will eventually become the top priority of marketing.

clear marketing objectives

do 10 activities are trying to increase sales, or you simply or customer simply. A clear mind can be targeted with the purpose of marketing.

to say, customers and old customers, new customers, old customers recognize is the effect, reputation or habit, new guest is considered Changxin, curious. Do not distinguish between new and old customers blind shop field marketing, old customers complain that you give me over every two or three days to see this? I came to new customer complain what all don’t understand, you let me >