A year of Chrome updates gifts laptop users over 2 hours of

first_imgJust a couple months ago, Microsoft told you that Edge was the browser to beat when it came to battery life. Seems like Google found that test a little suspect.Big G pumps out Chrome updates on a regular (and rather rapid) cadence, and over the past twelve months  they’ve put a lot of effort into making it more efficient. According to a blog post they just published, those efforts have really paid off.The version of Chrome that its users are browsing with today is about 25% easier on laptop batteries than the one they used last year. Google’s comparison video shows two Surface Books running Chrome side-by-side, one with version 46 and the other running the current stable build (53).At the 8:27 mark, the older version packs it in. The latest Chrome keeps the good times rolling for another 2 hours and 25 minutes. That’s a very different result than the one we saw from Microsoft’s tests.In case you missed their browser battery rundown, Microsoft’s setup looked a lot like Google’s except with a big digital time clock perched on top. In the Microsoft test, the Surface Book running Chrome only lasted a little over 4 hours. Edge — which won the contest handily — squeezed out another 3 hours.But even Edge fell well short of the 10-plus hours Chrome managed in Google’s test. Either there are some major differences in the two testing methods, or Microsoft has done some terrific work on the Surface Book’s overall battery life. Any way you slice it, it’s great to know that everybody seems very intent on making our laptops last as long as possible between charges.last_img

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