Wang Tong copy of the client in the brain to simulate the secrets of the transaction


today to share a secret to write a copy of the script: in the customer’s brain simulation transactions!

copy is to communicate with the customer, the same meaning, different expressions, the picture presented in the client’s brain is completely different.

example: now many electricity providers promise: 7 days


users see 7 days, which is what the brain


is the return of the screen, the back of the screen to bring all of the customer is a negative trouble, so customers hesitate to give up the purchase.

the same meaning, for a different expression, 7 days trial!

your copy can be expressed as:

our products, to provide a 7 day trial, you only need to have the slightest interest in this product, you can order 0 risk trial, because you have a 7 day trial period, you can experience the product of each NB function, in the process of experience, with the satisfaction you leave, with the process of you have a little not satisfied with the product delivery back to OK, the

trial immediately!

such a description, what is the scene in the client’s brain?

is all kinds use pictures, these pictures are customers have after the picture, this picture is simulated after closing the feeling, let customers have the feeling, shilly-shally customers can easily purchase orders.

to write a copy, it is necessary to simulate the transaction in the customer’s brain after the screen, so you will greatly enhance the conversion rate.


master planning secret copy on write to make money, a copy can earn tens of thousands to several million dollars, so, you can give up the nine to five life, to choose their own love of free life.

is now everywhere in the Internet, you can travel, friends from the media side, then play the accumulation of fans, want to make money, write a copy, sell a product or service, more than you can make a monthly profit.

there are many from the media, fans are very large, but do not know how to cash, you can also find them to cooperate, and then help them to write sales copy, and then sell the money.

this week, I’m helping to write a copy of the sales volume in the media, which is expected to give me millions of dollars in December.

in the mobile Internet era, you need to learn too much, just need to move through learning, giving top priority to flexible application to various aspects, you can easily make money, natural life.

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