Summary on the development and promotion of local portal information station

we are a newly established local station, just a few friends together and organized a local portal propaganda and discussion. Here are some of our experiences in development and promotion.

now I mainly for the city of the county level cities and smaller cities are not necessarily all applicable. This requires their own flexible use of local information website promotion is divided into three main


for the collection of information phase

The first phase of

information collection order, a county-level city city, the network also is not universal, it can be said is still relatively backward, many businesses are still not understand network, in the publicity at the same time will encounter many problems. No profit can not be found in the minds of businesses have formed a law. I do not believe that you will be free to publish his store information to the site, in the end what the attempt. So that’s the problem. If you have a problem, you have to solve it. If you overcome these problems, then you will succeed 1/3.


information collection stage the first step is to send business at the same time to investigate, propaganda merchants with their single name card. To please the people design a set, want to have an overall effect, is not a name card like a single website promotion way, form a look.

‘I’m on XXX’s website, and now I’m collecting information for free. Here is a form. Please fill in this form. After completing our company will put your store information posted on our website. So that others can see you store information on the website, if he happens to have the necessary, he will and you leave the contact and address to you, to bring you a simple business ".

said the benefit is the first to tell businesses have such a website. Then tell him just fill out this form can, the point is to tell him, as long as he filled out the form, so in the website, the network can be found in his store information. If you look at the site of the people there is a need to contact you, you can bring business, business. Another advantage is that all your information is original, search engine (Baidu.GOOGLE) of the original rankings are very high. As long as you have no problem in the procedure, it basically included is very good. Bring the flow of the well.

maybe a lot of people will say, if such a go, what time? I am here to estimate today, my friend and I go to try. Half an hour is about to collect 7-8 information shops look. An hour is about 15. 7 an hour a day. Probably the 100 store information. If two separate words, is the 200 store information. In a week. There are more than 1 thousand store information, such as a so many business information support, the content is rich. There is a certain word of mouth, but this is just a 1/3. The other one has to do next.