The essence of marketing is to connect users

lead: the age of the Internet, users get more channels and the cost is low, but the popularization and transformation of inter purchase rate is more and more low. The nature of the reasons for the decline in the promotion effect, there must be a problem on the connection between the brand and the user.


in today’s society, marketing is crucial for the brand. Whether it is entrepreneurial enterprises, or has a certain brand influence of mature enterprises, marketing is an essential part of. Although the development of technology and the Internet marketing let this incident have the possibility very much, since the development of the media also let the media types become more diversified, enterprises can not be like before in order to advertising and advertising spending time limited, but from another point of consideration, the promotion of the brand effect has been reduced. We will find that want to impress the informed user becomes more and more difficult. This has become a common problem faced by many enterprises.

in the Internet era, more and more consumer media contact point. In the past, we may just need to do a good advertising, make a good print ads can be affected by the most influential traditional media consumers. But now, brand operators to obtain more channels and low cost of users, touch up to enhance the visibility of users is no longer a problem. But on the contrary, the conversion rate between the promotion and the purchase is getting lower and lower, that is, people’s information acceptance in the rapid decline. I believe a lot of brand operators have deep experience. To this end, they will choose a more eye-catching ideas, more diverse marketing tools and more high-frequency bombing mode to enhance the conversion rate, but in the end it has little effect. In fact, in my opinion, this time they had drilled into the dead end. The real problem is not marketing, in fact, the enterprise itself is a problem.

The so-called

marketing, its essence is closer ties or instrumental relationship between the product and the user, in the media industry is highly developed today, users of consumer behavior gradually from "blind" to "rational", products must be the user really hit the pain point. Therefore, the essence of the reason for the decline in the promotion effect, must be on the user pain point analysis of the crawl and the solution is not in place, there must be a problem on the connection between the brand and the user. At this time, business operators should look back to re-examine their business model is a problem.

how to determine whether there is a problem with the business model


first, to examine their own service users. You need to be clear about which group of people you want to influence. The establishment of the crowd is the core strategy, the other is the tactics. All marketing activities to target users as the starting point, otherwise it is pointless. After defining the target user, it is necessary to consider how to establish the relationship between the product and the target user, in the initial stage of the product and consumers should be considered together, so as to form an effective business model.

secondly, to review the user requirements and product attributes have changed. In general, product development follows the closed loop