The 2016 annual event PR ten crisis a few happy tears


enterprise crisis from the whole year without stop, make water inverse to Baidu, once a year 315 "PR robbery" to the H Hotel girl was attacked, and recently got into a show of the Alipay circle…… The new media era, the speed and spread of the crisis is not controllable is hard to imagine that this is more of each enterprise PR bigger test for these large and small, are not sure which day it is the outbreak of the enterprise crisis, what are the "corner"? What are the "left million years"


PART 1 through

express little brother was beaten, overbearing president held in the end of

in April 17th, there are users in the micro-blog bid, a district of Beijing, a SF express little brother accidentally scrape with a private car, the car followed by a long time the abuse of the express little brother, and continue beating. In 1 minutes and 42 seconds in the video, the owner of the 7 face to express little brother, and a dozen consecutive burst foul language. But in addition to express little brother said: "I’m sorry", did not fight back, but always dodge.

After the

incident was exposed, on the night of SF was on top of micro-blog hot search first, facing the staff humiliated, SF official to come forward in the first time, many large corporate image.


at the same time, the usual low-key SF President Wang Wei, who is the embodiment of overbearing president, a courier back.


within 24 hours of the PR serial strokes, finally, by means of the SF official, the president of Wang Wei’s most personal statement. After this, the batterer has been detained by police punishment, justice has been done.

B – station charges, chairman of truth touched by the user

in May 24th, has been "there will be no propaganda video ads patch" B station, but several new advertisement appeared for the first time. This change makes a lot of B station users doubt the value of the B station.


in the evening, Chen Rui, chairman of the B station in person to know the answer to the question of the user. Chen Rui in a short period of a few hundred words in the answer, three times the word "sorry" and "sorry", "apology" and other words to express user’s apology, and illustrates the sequence of events and things, B effort. Then put forward 5 solutions, including the ability to manually adjust the advertising, the return of the amount of the contract, it is full of sincerity.

finally, Chen Rui with a full blooded commitment to restore the trust of almost all of the B station users, B station is likely to collapse in the future, but never degenerate."



a year of water from the black PR inverse, appealing