How the SEO team should talk about single skills

once I also have a small team of 4 people, the performance is not very good but a month can also pick up a single 2-3, for a variety of other factors, we did not continue, do not know to escape or otherwise, I feel very unfortunate. The day before yesterday to see an article about the time to talk about their own cooperation with customers, very confused, resulting in the final intention of the customer into no intention, which is really bad. So I would like to write an article on how the SEO team and customers to talk about a single article, first, in order to help those who talk about the experience of a few friends, two is that I do not want customers misunderstanding SEO.

first we have to understand the types of customers, customers are divided into two types: 1 no site, and do not understand SEO. 2 have a website, but they do not have time or other factors for SEO. So my share begins with both customers.

1 no website, and do not understand SEO.

is a difficult type of cooperation. But the customers generally have a common, and that is to have the entity industry may know that the role and effect of the SEO website at an event, so I want to try, but not dare to start, for the customer to talk about how we can make them pay

to cooperate with us?

I think this kind of customers to talk about cooperation from 4 points, that is:

A. for the customer industry keywords screening and analysis

B. competitor

C. quote

D. lift doubt

we analyze these 4 points, we must first screened keywords of the customer in the industry field, in determining the good keywords, we optimize efforts to analyze competitors in this field, when we do these two points, the heart should have a bottom, can do this one also have a certain sure. But the customer is concerned about the price, we can according to the above two points to a price budget. Because these customers do not understand the SEO, we will answer for him all his fuzzy problems, such as the SEO effect, can bring what directly to his business? And so on, we should not be exaggerated.

2: have a website, but they do not have time or other factors for SEO

this kind of customers is relatively good to talk about cooperation, because their business is mostly or indirectly through the network to obtain the reason, we are to find the rankings or see their competitors ranking benefits far exceed their customers, for this we have to come up with the idea, because their competitors are the results in and do SEO.

for this customer we can still start from 4:

A. analysis industry, key words index, accurate selection of keywords