This freight O2O a year to get 100 million financing but there are still three problems to be solv


supply chain distribution service provider cloud bird distribution today announced the completion of the C round of financing, financing amounted to $one hundred million, led by Warburg investment group, Sequoia China, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other original investors with investment. This round of financing by Yi Kai capital as exclusive financial advisor.

if the official figure is true, then the establishment of more than a year the company has accumulated more than $one hundred million in financing: completed in January 2015 for the amount of $ten million A round of financing, the investor is Chinese, Jingwei Jinsha River, grand capital; in July of the same year, the completion of the B round of tens of millions of dollars level of financing, led by Sequoia China investment, A round of three investors with investment.

according to the cloud bird distribution revealed the news, this round of financing will be mainly used technology research and development, improve the security system, improve service quality, standardization and promote the opening of new cities.

cloud bird distribution on the one hand, the integration of truck resources, on the other hand for restaurants, supermarkets, manufacturers and other B end users, the driver in the form of a single bid. Enterprise publishing needs, on the platform of the driver or the team will receive a "tender" synchronization in the client, can make quotation according to the tender demand on the details, and then a comprehensive selection of enterprises according to the relevant information and quotation of drivers and vehicles. After that, the platform will generate a single car, customer manager to follow up the delivery task.

how to manage driver

According to official data

cloud bird distribution, there are 40 thousand drivers on the platform, but in the management claimed that "in addition to the necessary platform operation and maintenance terminal driver training, most of the human are from social forces, including the vehicle management." So how does it manage


its main management mode is to rely on the evaluation of the driver system: "in the cloud bird platform bidding, the driver if the star is not up to a certain standard, evaluation can not reach a certain standard, it is difficult to compete. Conversely, if the driver does not follow the rules of our game on the platform, late default, will be punished. For example, default, today was six to you, the phone suddenly said to you, not according to my request, the complaints, will pull you out, will not be able to enjoy the service platform within six months. On the cloud platform, the driver does it for himself, which will change the labor relationship." Co founder He Xiaodong earlier in an interview with the media said.

in the management structure, cloud bird set up three levels: the top level is called the current control manager, the middle level is called the current control director or called the controller, the next level is the driver. Now in charge of the face of the driver, he needs to be at the scene, one is to give the driver training, the two is to give the driver a meeting, the three to monitor the driver did not follow the requirements of the implementation and assessment.


driver’s performance is directly linked to the current supervisor / manager. The number of drivers who are now in charge of the control of the tube, the more the bonus, if the driver is not good to meet the customer if the complaint, the corresponding control supervisor to accept punishment.