Alleged Bosma killers facing new charges

(Updated) The man accused of murdering Tim Bosma last year is now facing two more murder charges.In a stunning news conference this afternoon, the OPP announced that Dellen Millard is now charged with the murder of his father Wayne, and former girlfriend Laura Babcock.The gravity of this announcement is that if he is convicted of all three murders, Dellen Millard would be considered a serial killer, as it fits the definition of more than two murders in a series over a period of time.The first of these was the murder of Laura Babcock, who disappeared in July 2012. She had been an acquaintance of Millard as the two were said to be romantically linked. In fact, her last phone call was to Millard, even after the discovery of Tim Bosma’s remains at Millard’s farm in Ayr, OntarioPolice returned last summer to search for evidence believed to be connected to the disapearanace of Babcock, following the death of Wayne Millard, Dellens father. In december of 2012, it had been reported as a suicide. Dellen Millard even gave an obituary of his father for whom he is now accused of killing. The obituary read, “His hope was for a time when cooperation would be the norm and competition was only friendly. He was a good man in a careless world. I now carry his pilot’s license in my wallet. It’s a good photo.”The two men appeared in court yesterday where they were formally charged. Also, in Hamilton, Millards former girlfriend Christina Noudga has been charged as an accessory to the murder of Ancaster’s Tim Bosma. She was set to appear in a Hamilton court on Thursday.Here is the video of Toronto Police news conference held at 3 pm.

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