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review of the 2009 Hunan Baidu network marketing, a lot of emotion! In this year, Hunan Baidu has experienced joy and tears too much, but in general, Hunan network marketing consciousness is gradually formed, and a few years ago, Baidu search engine advertising is all foreign companies occupied the situation the difference is, this year’s Hunan local companies are slowly invigorated belongs to the Hunan Baidu local network marketing headquarters.

Hunan province’s local network marketing market is becoming more and more mature, but the opportunities and the crisis are coexisting, we are also facing unprecedented challenges:

first, with the increasing awareness of the local network marketing, many traditional industries have joined the ranks of the network marketing, which makes the competition more and more intense, and there are a lot of malicious competition.

two, lack of innovation in the network marketing methods, most of the visitors to some of the planning activities of the enterprise website is commonplace, it is difficult to attract visitors to the eye.

three, many companies continue to increase investment in the network, but the effect is not directly proportional to the receipt, and some data show that even negative growth.

four, a lot of companies spend a lot of network promotion fee, but I saw the traffic increase, but did not see how many of these traffic really bring their own effective customer.

these are just a few representative issues in the Internet survey data in Hunan, Hunan Internet Association experts do a thorough understanding and analysis:

first: network marketing for many small and medium enterprises in Hunan, the preferred direction of marketing strategy, because of its low threshold, less investment, cost control, the effect is obvious. A lot of enterprises, including the traditional industries have been pouring in, but also increased the pressure of competition between enterprises in the increasingly competitive market, only to maintain a high degree of innovation is to adapt to the trend of market development.

second: the development of the Internet industry after the first five years of development, from the beginning of the "HTML – > – > dynamic website; marketing website every enterprise in different periods of their own network marketing platform (website) made the transition, and the current development trend, some a marketing website of large enterprises is gradually transition to the fifth generation of web platform transition, this is the Hunan Internet association in a platform has been recommended for multimedia interactive website platform.

network promotion is important, the same important site consulting transformation

(case reference: www.k18.com)

introduction: multimedia interactive website, is a revolutionary multimedia interactive technology, effectively combines network, TV, video communication technology, is based on the enterprise’s own website for the latest media mode. To be able to broadcast on the corporate website content through the video window online play, support sales and customer video, audio, text >