VC partners will achieve a collective solo Sequoia fabric

[Abstract] this year’s new investment institutions and the rapid growth of the subsequent development of the rewrite the pattern of China’s VC industry.


Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on December 4th

in the last one or two years, competition in the VC sector is becoming more intense, one of the reasons is that more and more mature VC investors are out of the original investment institutions to set up a new fund.

data show that in September 2013 the original Gobi venture partner Tong Weiliang trees set up capital turnover; almost at the same time the original IDG partner Chang Chen, Gao Xiang left from IDG, the establishment of Gao Rong capital; investment in today’s headlines, sing, beautiful, said the aunt of vice president China Cao Yi founded Sequoia Capital in the original source of investment last year; the UC group, and served on Ali and CDH venture established capital Qu Tian bat; investment "turret legend" IDG investment manager Zheng Lan set up the Autobot capital; the original Deng Haitao allcomm investment to capital.

entered in 2015, this trend continues.

in April this year, has invested in the car, the car group,, a dream of heaven and earth, the gods interactive Liu Erhai left 12 years Jun linked capital founded his own pleasure capital; in June, the former vice president Zheng Yi China Jingwei venture capital fund investment director Hu Haiqing and the original unfamiliar Street operations jointly initiated the establishment of the early risk investment fund shallow stone venture; in August, IDG announced a solo and partner Li Feng Lin Zhonghua partnership established forright capital……

combing the history of China’s VC is not difficult to find, in recent years, VC industry fission is not the first time. As early as 2005, with Shen Napeng, Xu Xin himself, the birth of the now famous Sequoia Capital, capital, capital today, latitude and Chinese etc.. This year’s new investment institutions and the rapid growth of the subsequent development of China’s VC industry to rewrite the pattern.

compared with the previous generation of VC, in recent years, the emergence of a new generation of VC has a more abundant fund-raising environment, more choice of entrepreneurial projects, while they are also facing more intense competition. Compared with the traditional investment institutions, these new funds in the investment decision-making portfolio faster, more flexible, more attention in the field of subdivision.

VC why the new era

a group of investors flocking from the old VC left alone to set up a new fund behind, mapping out the changes in the capital environment and entrepreneurial environment.

TMT with China industry boom, coupled with the Internet since 2013 China ushered in a huge window period listed in the U.S., a large number of listed company means that the risk of investors, entrepreneurs and a large number of ordinary employees get a huge return, also means that the market is flooded with a lot of liquidity. When investors choose to go solo, they are easily in the market to raise quite abundant funds.