Solve these four problems to make you do a good job of brand communication

in recent years, there are some common success of the company, the first is to create a new category, or create a new feature. The second is to seize a time window, when creating this category, not too many competitors, or competitors have not much action, not in the minds of consumers form a leading brand. Finally, these companies in this time window, do their best to occupy the minds of consumers. From these points of view, the newly created brand in the communication, we must consider the following four questions.


first, you are not creating a category, or in a category that has a leading brand, do you have different characteristics with it. As if you want to drink, the market has a lot of beverage brands, and this time you can find a feature, for example, to prevent the fire drink, that is, we are familiar with the fear of drinking Wang Laoji". So, even in a big market, you just grab a characteristic, can also make a big brand.

second, you can simply say your brand difference. For example, a website that specializes in sale". "Sale" originally called "flash", but consumers do not understand the "sale", consumers will understand. Why is the "special" sale? Because of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan have a brand name, "a specialize sale site, on the formation of differentiated features. You will find that sometimes a word can make a difference and help you find a unique position. In addition you need to find the switch user in mind, like "afraid Wanglaoji drink" will open the switch user in mind. Before it was four years ago to do a total of one hundred million yuan, but after the user switch turned on, in the past second years has become a $1 billion 200 million. Therefore, the newly created brand, the most important thing is to find a simple word, where the user to create a new category, or new features, occupy the minds of everyone.

third, the time window is very important, once missed the time window, the transmission efficiency will be very low. For example, today’s headlines, it was first created, you are concerned about the headlines, this personalized attention has become its characteristics. After we accepted, today’s headlines on behalf of this feature, it is more difficult for others to do personalized recommendation, because we can only remember the first. A new technology, or a new business model, in fact, there is a window of time, three months, six months, up to a year. If you can not occupy the minds of people a year, such as competitors force, you will be late again. So, in fact, the technology and business models are not barriers, the real barrier is that you can not occupy the absolute advantage in the window of the people’s minds, you first occupied, you are the first.

fourth, traffic is important or brand important today’s flow bonus is over, and the flow of advertising may be to register to use your product, but can not help you to create a brand. As a start-up company, we must be strange to you