How to effectively blog marketing

we all know that the blog is a good marketing platform, whether it is for the purpose of selling products or to promote the flow of external links for the purpose, as long as the method properly, the effect is very good. In the Alibaba forum when mixed. Often see a lot of businessmen rely on the blog to sell a lot of things. Here on my personal experience, talk about my blog marketing experience, we want to help.

to blog marketing, the first thing to do is to have a blog of their own. But now the Internet is very developed, a blog is difficult to meet the requirements, because the blog registration does not have money, so you can register more points. I personally don’t think too much. There are a few dozen well-known on it. I recommend a few below, see if you want to register. Baidu, Sohu,, Blogcn, blogbus, Tom,, Tianya, NetEase, Sina, MySpace, and. These are the current domestic well-known blog. Registered account and password can be the same, so easy to remember.

second, account registration, we have to do is to publish the article. Blog is not necessary to spend great effort to promote. Because he himself in the well-known blog, to be included in the search engine is very easy. As long as the maintenance is good, the flow is very considerable. Therefore, as long as the blog around our main station for publicity on it, the purpose is to introduce the flow of the blog to our website, converted to RMB. At the same time also can enhance the competitiveness of our website. So how to maintain it? Let me talk about my experience:

1, write with your website theme, this needs a little talent for writing, after you need to write what is written, you must leave your site links, or do you want to do keyword ranking, link in the key word. Blog is their own, can be written, no one will delete your.

2, write popular articles. Baidu Search Ranking or Sogou index to check every popular keywords, for a keyword, write an article, if you do not write, search a related, modify the title and create a content inside, anyway, looks like the original. The first part of the article is best to write 100 words about the summary of the article. The middle of the best disrupt the order, the end and then add some content. This is equivalent to the original, which is for the search engine said. Also want to add links.

3, the article is written, it is necessary to publish, there are any tips? I personally like this, we look at the right. That night, ready to publish the article. There are dozens of the best day, of course, most of the pseudo original. After seven or eight o’clock in the morning to get up, began to be published, if there is time for people, it is best to do so, from eight to twelve in the morning. 2 p.m. to five p.m.. Publish an article every other hour. Of course, there is no time, you can publish once. But with time >