Experience sharing Taobao C shop adult supplies precision marketing strategy

Before a crowd has been sharing with

, no more to say here today is to share the B population; interested can look at the latest developments: "Taobao C shop Adult supplies the accurate marketing strategy of real cases must dry cargo http://s.xzsay.com/post/54.html" inside the case, the bald guy in a step by step analysis of how Taobao, with the market to operate and store operations Adult supplies, how the social marketing to develop a single grass root users viscous etc.. Nonsense is not much to say, direct theme.

B group: the pursuit of quality of life group, the population size is relatively small, the user more female users are mostly at the age of 27-40, population characteristics Keywords: the relationship between husband and wife; quality of life; personal enjoyment; product coverage is full; massage underwear and so on, average customer price of 750 yuan;


had a young, mature, have financial problems as a small young age so troubled than money, more attention is paid to the quality of life, more attention is paid to the family; their common desire just awakening, men of the same age, the role of husband, if not fatigued, or as young so full of desire they meet on their own; and the maintenance of the relationship between husband and wife is that they just need a significant feature of this group is B.

in a word, for the class B crowd is actually selling services, according to the user’s psychological needs to sell services, the product is just the media, service is the core.

how can they meet the needs of how to better train the group of users of the viscosity is very simple as long as they meet the psychological needs of their hearts, their psychological needs and what?

1, the use of safety: safety, material does not damage the health;

2, resonance exchange: curious how she is how to deal with, focus on the resonance of the same kind of communication;

3, gossip emotion: she is related to the emotional life; such as: the perfect change to win back his heart or something;

4, the experience of curiosity: curious to know the experience of skills, so that they can be better met, the skills of the sexes, etc.;

5: vague privacy privacy, not to let others know, potential heart timid;

6, the value of the value of the value of the product is consistent with the price, the pit money does not matter, the key is to be cheated by the pit after the psychological;

said these, we estimate will listen to, feel a little empty, to point the actual bar, then how to use the actual operation of the


A, the whole network marketing, landing page transfer, Taobao shop turnover;

B, content marketing, in order to soft Wen or story, to meet the above gossip emotions, experience and curiosity, as well as the value of the price

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