Error analysis of enterprise’s easy to commit in WeChat information push

The most popular is the WeChat marketing for

in recent years, walking in the high streets and back lanes, will suddenly see a poster, two-dimensional code appears, then users only need to use WeChat sweep, we can obtain the corresponding preferential policies. Thus, WeChat marketing has been in China blossom everywhere. But these so-called WeChat marketing really bring to the enterprise marketing effect?.

Of course, the effect is not

questioned WeChat marketing, after all, WeChat has hundreds of millions of people use as a platform for information push on this platform, nature can affect more people, but if the information push method is not correct, or there are some errors, so companies want to achieve and enhance the development of power the purpose of marketing by WeChat, apparently also may whistle, so how to make enterprises to avoid the risk in the wrong information to promote links on


first, to avoid malicious push to enhance the user experience

network marketing and traditional advertising there is a clear difference between the network marketing more from the user experience, in fact, is a subtle way to achieve marketing. This guide to marketing than cramming the traditional marketing easier to enhance the user conversion rate. In fact, WeChat marketing is guided by this marketing model. If the user experience is poor, then it is impossible to succeed in marketing.

for enterprise public platform, push the information to give appropriate adjustments, in order to get rid of the fans often appear either advertising or sign, or joke nest white, although push these malicious content is not high, but most users are just a smile, not to the marketing role. So it is necessary to further enhance information innovation, solve the content pale suspicion, actually more skills from the products, innovative use of methods, so that users can see the content through the harvest of a surprise, so that it can better increase the degree of user experience.

two, to avoid the subjective marketing to respect the user psychology

for many enterprises in the WeChat public platform, promote the link in the information, pay no attention to the target audience segmentation, only according to their own marketing needs, to push some irrelevant information at any time and place, especially to push some advertising information, this kind of ignore the user’s psychological needs, obviously will greatly guide the marketing information, that is about to enhance the user conversion purpose. The best way is to locate the user and the masses, to fully understand the needs of this part of the population, based on their needs and their own marketing purposes closely set, so that it can better let users.

For example, you want

enterprise marketing a health care products, so the first to combine the function of health care products, user groups positioning accordingly, and then put forward methods to improve the health of the corresponding, and in these methods, you need to promote the introduction of health products, so that users with subtle > the