Network promotion is not the more the better and more refined

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after accumulation and technical development of ecological system of more than 20 years, has now become a huge industry, many people hope that through the Internet can make them for money to enter the Internet I think most or some enterprises. After all, a common enterprise founded to profit, so they are almost all for the purpose of pursuing the interests, although some entrepreneurs have done a lot of social public welfare, but their premise almost all can meet their daily life above the material demand.


, regardless of the way in the Internet to get what they want, the ultimate participants and the realization of the people themselves. So no matter what those who engage in the Internet to achieve the interests of what way, so that more people must be aware of their own products or. So now the network promotion and marketing has become a hot spot. So the network platform began to hot up, many companies also push to advocate their own promotion ability, blowing is as if it were raining flowers. Before the popular QQ may be sending mail listserv, and later to the forum, blog, then to micro-blog marketing, the most fire is hot with WeChat marketing. These new gadgets are more and more marketing companies use, it is precisely because of this, a lot of the number of marketing companies more and more, because there is a direction to do. In fact, no matter which company said they focus on their own which field on its own, in fact, I don’t know what is your attention, especially some grass root company basically is a single next, whether they are not complete.

on the Internet, I often see some of the company responsible for network marketing, said his friend, the boss is willing to spend money on the network to promote the above, but do not let go. The result is a lot of money in all aspects of the bill, and finally did not do a good platform. In fact, it is for this reason, because companies do too many places, and the staff is limited, few people or even a person’s marketing team can not take into account all aspects, and the team in all aspects have to do something, because the only way to cross the old plate; as can be imagined.

engaged in the Internet for so long, because the company is also responsible for the relevant work, so also contacted a lot of cooperation with the company’s marketing company. I found a lot of marketing companies have a common characteristic: perhaps their founders do some more successful cases, and many later in just to live, don’t focus on marketing, not to mention some detailed direction. The general routine is sent directly to the sharp tongued salesman fudge doesn’t know about Internet company executives, the marketing project was a bright future, the other is simply to float up. And the cost of tens of thousands of years to say how true, the contents of a package basically contains all the network promotion and marketing. For example, QQ mass, e-mail marketing, know >