Network promotion in the end how much money to spend

      this money is always very concerned about the topic, but exactly how much money, who can not give a precise answer, but can still be analyzed together, you are willing to spend that network is the basis of how much money is spent on this aspect, different prices have different practices

      1) more than 5000

      if you’re going to spend 5000 or more, to do the promotion, so I see you should find an advertising company to help you out of an idea, reasonable arrange delivery strategy of advertising, where to put your ads can get the best effect. How to use your money, the best advertising effect, believe that small business owners of the pursuit, but who can promise you to bring the number of advertising sales for your business, how much profit. Online advertising is an investment, not consumption. There is a risk investment, may Yibenwanli may lose everything.

      2) extension method of


      for the enterprise, if there is no relevant technical staff, do not know how to promote enterprise website, then you can only find other companies to do. Now popular is to do SEO (search engine optimization) services. Help you put the key words of the enterprise website, do search engine ranking position. Generally speaking, the cost of a month’s service is between 1000 and 5000. This depends on your choice of keywords popularity, such as your business is to do the children’s shoes, " search in Google children’s shoes; " can get 1 million search results, so it is a popular keyword. The key word is more popular, then the price will be higher, because the key word to do the search engine ranking the first page of the more difficult. Note that the 1000~5000 is a monthly service fee, they generally require no less than three months.

      3) extension method

      promotion methods under 1000, and two said that if you do it yourself, or you’ll find a part-time website promotion, they do not need regular army, also did not, but on the Internet, there is no problem to send a message. Of course, not responsible for the encounter, there is no moral individual part-time, you also take him no way, since it is considered bad luck. So I do not recommend this website promotion.

      4) don’t money promotion method

      if you don’t need money, then you are tired