Talk about the current more popular CPC advertising channels

search engine bidding advertising is one of the most mainstream CPC paid advertising channels, but the recent search engine bidding is not optimistic. High consumption, low conversion is one of its distinctive features, and the characteristics of the advertising channels in the pursuit of high conversion are now demanding business environment is not optimistic about the Baidu search engine, in addition to domestic monopoly, with other search engines including Google, advertising the benefits of decreasing, and SEO there, all these make search engines become less necessary for advertising. Domestic electricity supplier companies have begun to find a more suitable to operate the CPC payment platform.

because the demand exists, has prompted more CPC paid advertising platform recently, I also came into contact with some of the more distinctive CPC payment platform or that way, they may also be some CPC advertising is now more popular:

guaranteed ROI CPC ad

we all know the importance of the business enterprise ROI now, and this type of advertising is to protect the ROI, and it is written to the cooperation agreement, this is equivalent to the business of eating a reassuring pill, businesses need to do is to find more high margin products, put on these platforms to promote the above you can.

At the same time because the

service providers need to protect businesses ROI, they will be more independent to maintain their own platform, they will even use more resources to help businesses to do the promotion, this is also the way of advertising will be another important reason for popular.

if this kind of advertisement are what shortcomings, that is the need to have a certain margin commodities as a support, to ensure that under the cooperation of ROI, we remove the cost of goods, removing the need to pay the cost of promotion can also achieve profitability.

Directional advertising on

vertical platform

has a lot of well-known websites started early this kind of advertisement service, for example, everyone is happy, now have more platforms began to provide advertising services, but many commercial enterprises when everyone, happy to, the effect is not very good, the reason is because of the crowd, everyone happy nature, it is not suitable for all enterprises to do promotion. In fact, it is possible to choose to fit their own platform to do targeted advertising, and then also in the form of CPC, it will be a very good channel.

this is the most attention to the selection of suitable platform, like everyone, happy network, these two sites are suitable for game websites to choose advertising, because active on these platforms above users are mostly young, also have a certain degree of enthusiasm for the game. Another example, and other sites, they are very suitable for Taobao businesses to advertise. Of course, in the choice of the platform for their own, or to do the crowd screening launch, so that more accurate.

in short is to choose the platform, Select >