Rice and vegetable roll 39 Health nets from local health websites business opportunities

wrote this article is a few days ago and 39 Health Network cooperation when the thought of something, I think we all know that 39 Health now can be said to be the domestic health portal leader, although the other Xunyiwenyao and answer is good but I feel all miss 39 nets. These three types of health website profit patterns are different and similar, for their good profit model is actually a copy.

now when many small webmaster in website localization have turned to the local market, so now the local navigation or local, regional vertical websites more slowly, these days also saw some local health websites, but not what content, and profit model are too single rely on traditional advertising. I think the local health information website profit model is still very rich, and the current local health information websites do not do a lot of. The following is my view that the current local health website can do several profit model:

one, the traditional advertising model – Surface cooperation

(1) of this kind of advertising is advertising on the site a up do some advertising, if the site quality is good, the general advertising can sell a few more expensive, as for the local health websites must find some hospitals together, they are actually very willing to local investment in these ads, because most regional hospital patients are for the province, so I hope to put ads are targeted area.

(2) to hang some advertising, such as GG or other, but this does not recommend long-term development, the layout is very important.

two, a new profit model – content cooperation

(1) hospital database

to build a hospital database platform, the cooperation of the local hospital included in the platform, the main function of adding some hospital information release function and some experts recommend and so on, the key is to give each hospital a platform to show their own platform, such hospitals are also willing to put the advertising costs to participate, especially after seeing other local hospitals do, basically the difficulty of this pattern may be in the database platform developers.

(2) doctors online

the many hospitals will be willing to cooperate, make the hospital more famous doctor to answer some of the questions or patients, this model is in fact a win-win for the hospital, because not only improves the visibility of the experts also raised the hospital reputation. Such a good thing as long as the price is reasonable, I believe most hospitals will choose to cooperate.

(3) department advertising contract

will be a department of advertising the whole layout out to contract, specifically after contracting cooperation way is the advertising and content of the traditional combination, let the contracting hospital think it is worth, it can not only strengthen the cooperation with various hospitals, will be the long-term profitability. >