2016 how to do from the media

I started in 2013 from the media in October, today is the first day of my 2016 job, but also in 2016, I made the first day of the media. I have done more than two years since the media, and to build this year mainly from the media. If you intend to do in 2016 from the media, then Shao Lianhu and we simply talk about my views.


in 2016, the new year began, I gave myself a month ago, vacation, I would like to think that if the end of the year I will be mainly from the media. Many people may not understand, because a lot of the media have to give up, why do I intend to do mainly from the media?

some things are like this, only you do it before you know is good or bad. Although there are thousands of people from the media since 2014, but in 2015 there is not much left, for the year of 2016, I believe that the rest of the much less. And I insist that the reason is because I like writing, but also because of the benefits from the media.

from the media to understand what the media is the first? We can see a lot of Baidu to explain, however, if we look at the definition of Wikipedia may not be able to understand. In fact, since the media is very simple, such as me, I write articles mainly want to share with you my views and experience, to express their views, and exchange.

benefits from the media is that everyone is equal, who can voice, express their views. Someone may say, since the media is only some celebrities can do, like our roots, no name no utterance right, but also afraid of their own. In fact, we do not want the media for those celebrities, to find their own fans on the line.

today is the first day of my work in 2016, just to work in the morning to write this article, because I used to get up in the morning to write the original article. This year I will do the main media, and from the following aspects:

1, the original article

just from the media, I set myself a day to write an original article, or even three or four, do not do anything every day, just write the original article on the busy end. More than a year to write the original article, but did not earn any money. Moreover, look at the original articles written before, a lot of articles to write a little sense is not simple to deal with it, in order to original and original.

to write the original article is for what? If you just to update, or in order to promote, then compiled out of the original article is also no sense. Write the original article should be a kind of interest, a kind of want to write from the heart. Sometimes, I really do not write the contents do not write, I do not want to hard for the original themselves, so that the article is estimated that they do not want to see, not to mention your fans

actually, one day to write an original article, or even a few articles are very simple, and