Mutual promotion nternet practitioners how to forget

mutual promotion, mutual assistance and brevity. In Baidu search inside the mutual promotion, but did not give the definition of Wikipedia, but it exists in reality, and for the Internet practitioners (owners) in mind, get to the Internet practitioners based brand promotion, to obtain additional traffic, get a real cooperative communication.

mutual promotion of the term, the most or the Internet circle, from 09 to 12 years, as long as there will be mutual promotion stationmaster Congress, just as long as there is a webmaster general assembly Guo Jijun, mutual promotion has become a unique way to promote the webmaster, and there is no threshold.

in fact, always wanted to elaborate on the benefits of mutual promotion, through the ninth session of the 2014 Congress, said it Chinese Internet practitioners. The annual meeting of the organizers is Kang Sheng company (Comsenz), and its Discuz is the most favorite Chinese Internet practitioners is also the most widely used community open source program, the Internet has a high evaluation and reputation.

to participate in the benefits of their mutual promotion:

enhance brand

A grand

year as Internet people can not miss, whether from the scale or the influence, it is not. Can leave logo and their links in the event page, increase brand exposure but also enhance the visibility, follow-up and industry cooperation, is also a propaganda point, Why not??

weight and flow

China Adsense club, I believe that in 2010 before the webmaster are not strange, there is a gathering of the webmaster, webmaster communication a powerful platform. Every day IP, flow naturally needless to say, and now is. For the weight, not to mention, a lot of webmasters in the contents of the contents of the photos to do the evaluation, that is, in order to be able to get the points in exchange for the site links. Now did not change the theme of the conference page, to guide their own website weight and traffic will not be less.

follow up

access to high-quality customers, may want to tap from the quality meeting inside, and the activities of 200+, 300+ core media reports, thought feast 600+, last year to participate in the meeting of the people as many as 4000 people, this year will be less concerned about this page? There will be more and more people, click on your website opportunity cooperation will be more and more, at the corner.

but it seems from the beginning of 2013, mutual promotion seems to be forgotten, the Internet Conference, there is little goodbye. Only the Kang Sheng, Kang Sheng company has never abandon, never forget the webmaster, do not forget Internet entrepreneurs, and Internet practitioners but also has always been a strong supporter of DISCUZ, active participation, active sharing.

mutual promotion is the basis for win-win cooperation, but also the most suitable for Internet practitioners to understand each other, common progress of a channel, but also the most effective way to reflect the Internet practitioners. Why do you forget